Kresha Gupta’s Vision for Chanakya Opportunity Fund Shines in Divya Bhaskar

Divya Bhaskar Features Kresha Gupta: The innovative mind behind Chanakya Opportunity Fund, Kresha Gupta, has been featured in Divya Bhaskar for her forward-thinking approach to SME investments.


In the featured article, you’ll discover how the Chanakya Opportunity Fund has not only earned trust but also positioned itself as a model of financial wisdom. Through rigorous research and a discerning eye for opportunity, the fund has curated a portfolio of high-potential SMEs, each carefully selected for their ability to grow and sustain profitability. Investors who partner with the Chanakya Opportunity Fund can have peace of mind, knowing their investments are managed by seasoned experts committed to unlocking the full potential of the SME sector.


Kresha Gupta’s vision for the Chanakya Opportunity Fund has been a game-changer in the realm of alternative investments. An attractive option is to invest in AIFs for investors seeking high returns on their diversified portfolio. However, making informed investment decisions within this domain is crucial, and Kresha Gupta has become a trusted name in this regard.


Chanakya Opportunity Fund, as highlighted in Divya Bhaskar, stands as a beacon of trust and reliability for investors. The fund offers a precisely curated portfolio of high-potential SMEs, chosen based on their growth possibilities and profitability. This approach ensures that investors have access to opportunities that can unlock significant value and returns. 



Chanakya Fund Trust AIF is a reliable investment platform for both Indian and NRI investors, specializing in SME securities. As a Category II AIF-SME Fund, our primary goal is to manage a diverse portfolio in compliance with regulations. We’re sector-neutral and committed to identifying the best investment opportunities. Led by our founder, Miss Kresha Gupta, a certified member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, our team offers comprehensive expertise in finance and corporate law.