Chanakya Opportunities Fund Makes Pre-IPO Investment in Bulkcorp International, a Leading manufacturer of FIBC bags in India

We are pleased to announce that Chanakya Opportunities Fund has made a strategic investment in Bulk Corp International, a promising company in the Manufacturing of FIBC bags. This investment aligns with our fund’s focus on identifying and supporting high-growth potential companies in India

Chanakya Opportunities Fund: India’s First SME Exchanged Cat II AIF Fund

As India’s first SME Exchanged Cat II AIF Fund, Chanakya Opportunities Fund offers a unique investment opportunity. Launched in July 2023, the fund has seen impressive growth, with its base NAV increasing by 68% from Rs 10 to Rs 16.84 as of January 31st, 2024.

The fund employs a strategic approach, allocating 51% to high-potential unlisted and pre-IPO SME companies, 24% to listed SMEs through QIB and anchor investments, and the remaining 25% to Microcap/Small-cap companies as an Anchor and good-valuation listed companies. This strategy leverages the dynamism of the SME sector while diversifying risk.

About Bulk Corp International.

Bulk Corp International Ltd. as a compelling investment opportunity within the Indian manufacturing sector. As India’s one of the fastest growing FIBC company with over two decades of experience, Bulk Corp International boasts several key strengths that align with our investment philosophy:

– One of fastest Emerging FIBC Company:

Bulk Corp International is one of the fastest growing FIBC Company around the world. The continuous innovation and solution driven approach keeps it tall around the world. This leadership translates to a strong track record and brand recognition within the industry domestically & Internationally as well.

– Industrial Facility:

Bulk Corp Industrial Campus is equipped with latest technology to ensure seamless production. A comprehensive technology and process that saves cost and ensure higher productivity makes it different from its peers.

– Diversified Product Portfolio:

As the company is in business of making bulk bags through its solution driven approach it offers wide range of products in different segments, such as 1 & 2 Loop FIBC bags, Ventilated bags, 4 loop FIBC bags, baffle bags and many more. The company’s ability to be dynamic and flexible with products create a diversified product portfolio which mitigates risks in particular segment.

– Solution Driven & Innovation:

The Company actively stay connected to its clients to understand the needs and provide better services to them. Company is also committed to technological innovation to make its Industrial campus a better place. This focus on technological advancements improves efficiency and empower higher production. This positions Bulk Corp at the forefront of the industry, enabling them to provide cutting-edge solutions to their clients.

– Global Presence:

Bulk Corp reach extends beyond India, supplying high-quality FIBC Bags both domestically and internationally. This global presence opens doors to new markets and growth opportunities.

Financial highlights of Bulk Corp International Ltd.


Chanakya Fund believes that Bulk Corp International Ltd. possesses the potential for significant future growth. The company’s strong market position, diverse product portfolio, commitment to innovation, and global presence make it an attractive investment opportunity for investors seeking exposure to the Indian manufacturing sector.


Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Investors should conduct their own due diligence before making any investment decisions.